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The Perfect Gift?

Have you ever noticed how advertisers have taken to describing something as ‘the perfect gift’? This phrase, along with so much else these days tends to wind me up but of course it’s no surprise that advertisers are describing their latest offeri…
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Have you ever suffered from gardening induced back pain?

Perhaps that’s a stupid question to ask of any keen gardener as the chances are that after a day’s hard graft in the garden, like me you will might be feeling a twinge in the back. But then again you might be in better physical shape than me!Year…
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The Answer Lies in the Soil

In the late seventies I had a great time at horticultural college. Set in the Vale of Evesham, Pershore College of Horticulture was a leading institution in its day. Staffed by experienced and enthusiastic lecturers the college provided education in…
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