Have you ever suffered from gardening induced back pain?

Perhaps that’s a stupid question to ask of any keen gardener as the chances are that after a day’s hard graft in the garden, like me you will might be feeling a twinge in the back. But then again you might be in better physical shape than me!

Years ago, way back in the mid-80s I had a small garden maintenance business. Things were jogging along rather nicely until I started to get a pain in my lower back. After visiting the doctors and an osteopath I was diagnosed with a burst bag of fluid between the discs and following the advice of my Doctor I gave up my business and a less physical job at Notcutts. Thankfully after all these years (and a regular exercise routine) I am reasonably fit, yet despite that I still ache after a day spent in the garden. Musing on this recently I thought, if back pain is common amongst gardeners then what can we do about it at Wonderpost?

If you have been following our blog posts and visiting our social media sites then you will be all too well aware that our mission at Wonderpost is to help you get the most out of your garden. We think that also means we need to help you to enjoy the actual physical process of gardening, so to ease any back strains you might get when gardening we have added two fantastic new products to our web site. The first one is the ‘big hand collectors’ from Darlac which enables you to save time and effort by collecting more leaves and clippings in one go, and the second, again from Darlac is the long handle ‘grab and lift’ heavy duty leaf collectors, a product that will definitely save you from bending down too much.

So, for happy and back pain free gardening do check out these new labour saving products.