Testing the soil PH before digging in Wonderpost Soil Improver

If you read my first post you’ll know that I’m planning to check out the pH of the soil on our freshly dug piece of land in Hasketon. On Monday I bought a very simple soil testing kit from my local garden centre for the princely sum of £3.99!

This kit contains two small test tubes, each one containing some form of powder which when mixed with a small amount of soil and water will show the pH of the soil. I set to work, followed the instructions and after several minutes the water in the test tube had changed colour.

I compared the colour to the colour chart on the back of the packet and lo and behold our soil is a neutral pH. This is great news as ideally for growing veg we need a pH that's slightly acidic to neutral. In other words a pH of between 6.5 to 7.

Over time as we begin to apply fertiliser to our plot I am expecting the soil to become slightly more acidic - that's what tends to happen after repeatedly adding a fertiliser to the soil. Having checked the soil for pH I am now ready to spread half of the plot with Wonderpost soil improver.

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