We love natural products

Here at Wonderpost we love the idea of gardening in a more natural way and we are not really that keen on using artificial chemicals. As you probably know our farm fresh soil improver is all natural – just paddock sweepings and manure – a wonderful combination that adds goodness to your soil.

We love our soil improver but we are also really passionate about bringing you other products that help your garden in a natural way. In my search for new products I came across a new brand of fertiliser called Plant Grow. PlantGrow® is a natural, nourishing liquid or solid plant food that is made by the anaerobic digestion of plant matter. It supplies rich natural nutrients to soils with no added chemicals. So, that’s just what nature intended.

It comes from Norfolk … I know that’s across the border but sometimes to bring you the best garden products we have to visit neighbouring counties! We have decided to stock the liquid feed version of the product as this is so simple to use. Just add the required amount of feed to a watering keen and away you go. The advantage of a liquid feed is that the nutrients get taken up into the plant very quickly which means that you get to see the results quickly. It’s a bit like us taking a health tonic!