Wonderpost at Woodbridge Farmers Market on Saturday 26th May 2018

The Head Gardener and Chief Composter will be showcasing Wonderpost Farm Fresh Compost at Woodbridge Farmers Market again on Saturday 26th May 2018, commencing at 9.00am. Come along and meet Roger and Neville for some great gardening ideas plus the opportunity to check out our home made Composts and Fertilisers. We'll be taking orders and answering any questions you may have about our products.You can also ask our Head Gardener for some 'tips' to help you use Wonderpost Composts and Fertilisers to maximum effect. Would you like your garden featured on our website in the 'Powered by Wonderpost' section? not only do you get to see your garden in glorious technicolor on the web but we're offering big discounts particularly if we can feature your garden through a 12 month cycle. For further information drop in to see us at the Farmers Market this Saturday, pop an email across to talk (at) wonderpost (dot) co (dot) uk (excuse the funny writing but we don't want those naughty spammers getting our email address) or tell us using this form.