Seaweed Soil Improvement Bundle

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20 (50Ltr) bags of WONDERPOST 'Farm Fresh' Compost - 100% natural soil improver, a vintage blend of manure, farm animal bedding and paddock sweepings, formulated and produced in the Suffolk Countryside and matured for over 3 years. 

No bulking agents just 100% natural compost made with love, tea and biscuits in Hasketon Suffolk.

As the chief composter says “Wonderpost is the Champagne of compost”.

Whether you want a beautiful show garden or that prize Marrow just add Wonderpost to your borders and beds to supercharge your growing.

100% Peat FREE


3 (10Kg) Bags of 100% Natural Seaweed Plant Fertiliser. For centuries growers have understood the benefits of adding seaweed to the soil and this unique combination of seaweed and chicken manure will do wonders for your garden. Manufactured in Ireland, this product contains only Irish ingredients, with seaweed from the Wets of Ireland and chicken manure from farms all over the country. Containing essential plant nutrients and over 70 minerals this fertiliser can be used anywhere in the garden to increase yields of fruit and veg crops, help your plants establish quicker and keep them looking healthy and vibrant. Each bag contains full, easy to use instructions. Either add as a top dressing to your soil around your crops or dig into the soil when preparing it for planting or sowing. 

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